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What is Lymphoedema


Lymphoedema is a swelling in the body’s tissue, most commonly seen in an affected persons arms and legs. Lymphoedema can have many different causes, but most commonly it will develop in an area where there has been damage to the lymphatic system. This can include cases such as after certain types of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy amongst others. Early detection and the correct treatment are very important to limit the severity of the symptoms associated with Lymphedema.


When the body’s lymphatic system can no longer transport the amount of lymph fluid in our body effectively, we see this swelling occur as a result of the condition. Swelling in the arms, legs, neck, face, neck or other areas, or changes in skin can occur, as well as lymph fluid potentially leaking through the skin walls.  This is a complex condition which is often chronic and can worsen over time if not managed with the correct therapy. Lymphedema can also lead to other serious health conditions.

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Why Choose Lymph Away?

At Lymph Away we strive to deliver quality care to our patients. We aim to enhance your quality of life through provided therapy while empowering you to better manage your condition through education and on-going support.

Lymphoedema Therapy

 Our team of experts aim to reduce and control the severity of lymphoedema swelling in any stage or case.  We work towards improving your mobility and functional capacity, helping you to stay active and have giving you the ability to do the things which you love to do. Whether that be sport, work, spending time with family and friends or just an overall improvement in your quality of life.

What Our Practice Offers

  • Initial assessment and diagnosis of Lymphoedema – Early detection is key.
  • Therapy options – To help reduce limb, head, trunk and genital swelling: manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, individualised exercise prescription and skin health.
  • Early intervention – Our team can give you advice and management techniques to reduce the further development of lymphoedema following complex surgeries or other causes.
  • Prescription of compression garments – These compression solutions aim to help maintain limb size and reduced increasing swelling. We measure for, and fit, both ready to wear as well as custom made lymphoedema garments.

Trusted by over 2000 Happy Patients

Our team are here to help you at any stage of your symptoms, condition and journey with Lymphoedema. Our clinicians provide assessment, programs and strategies to assist you in finding a path to a healthier and happier lifestyle while dealing with this complex condition.

Our fully qualified team are able to assess your condition and swelling severity to help determine the best program and strategy for you to improve. We use a range of methods including;

  • Compression therapy – Helping to reduce or maintain the level of swelling in any part of the body. We use compression bandages, compression socks/stockings/garments or other compression wraps.
  • Strategic exercises to stimulate drainage and reduce swelling – Aiding you to create a healthy musculoskeletal system as well as increasing your movement. Hydrotherapy is a common and highly effective form of exercise to assist with stimulating this system.
  • Manual drainage – A lymphatic massage that stimulates the flow and helps to reduce swelling in areas of your body.
  • Skin assessment and recommendations – Maintaining a healthy skin condition and assessment of conditions such as cellulitis which can commonly be associated with lymphoedema.

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